G&R Trellis and Supply Co.


G&R was founded in 1995; it specializes in the manufacture of trellises and stakes that are utilized by the nursery and landscape industries.† Its trellis and stakes are made from pressure treated pine or bamboo.† There are standard sizes and styles of trellises and stakes manufactured. Additionally, custom orders are accepted and manufactured at our facility in Boynton Beach, FL.


G&R also manufacturers and distributes green tie tape, colored flag/marking tape, vine clips, trellis caps, hard wood orchid baskets and the wire hangers.† Its outdoor furniture line is manufactured under the name of The Relaxed Living Collection, this wood furniture is built from pressure treated pine or spanish cedar.† Additional, products distributed include: tree slings, burlap, bamboo decorative poles, bamboo fence, bamboo edging, bamboo woven mats, bamboo TIKI bars, and woven bamboo thatching.


The company strives to meet its customerís needs and to also deliver and introduce new products or develop more cost effective alternatives for existing products.